Consultancy and Corporate Restructuring

Consultancy Services and Solutions

Mpower Soft skills has designed and executed over 140 Coaching Assignments, Training Programmes and Consulting Assignments at many various Public and Private sector organizations. It’s areas of specialty include the following:

  • Change Management for business entities going through corporate re-structuring, mergers and acquisitions, adapting to changes in the externalities of the business environment.
  • Training & Learning Solutions targeted at different levels of the organization structure from middle management to senior levels.
  • Corporate Planning & Strategic Management
  • Leadership & Managerial Skill Development for employees who are transitioning between levels of management and roles.
  • Setting up of Business Processes, Governance Systems, Environment & Quality Systems for business entities
  • Development of Performance Management Systems and setting of Key Performance Indicators for organizations.
  • Employee Profiling & Team Building sessions to build cohesive and extraordinary teams.
  • Project Management

Corporate Restructuring Services and Solutions

One of the specialist services that we provide at MPower pertains to Corporate Restructuring. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that accentuate the 'soft' side of corporate restructuring. Our team of experts possesses wide-ranging expertise in numerous industry sectors and we provide solutions that meet the unique requirements of each organization that we work with. The Founder Managing Director of MPower, Mahesh Jayasinghe, has provided Corporate Restructuring consultancy to a number of prominent organizations in Sri Lanka, including the following:

  • Board of Investments (BOI)
  • Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka(PUCSL)
  • Taprobane Holdings Plc.
  • Premium International Pvt Ltd.
Emphasis on the Human Relationships side

When undertaking Corporate Restructuring assignments we rigorously adhere to sound strategies, corporate financial principles and standards; at the same time, we give a high-level of importance to Human Relationships within organizations. In essence, we pride ourselves on offering solutions that accentuate the ‘soft’ side of Corporate Restructuring, an area ignored by many:

  • Conflict management;
  • Facilitation of the negotiation processes to find amicable solutions; and
  • Relationship building
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