Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching services at MPower is personally led by our Founder Managing Director – Mahesh Jayasinghe. He is a Member of the International Coach Federation (MICF), U.S.A and is a Certified Executive Coach and Coach Practitioner of the International Coach Federation. Mahesh is ably supported by MPower’s other Consultants of local and international repute.

The uniqueness of MPower’s Executive Coaching lies in the area of providing customized solutions with a focus on the clients’ short-term and long-term goals – we always adapt our approach to suit the requirements of our clients. Our coaching style revolves around the art of facilitation and we closely work with our clients to help them develop their competencies by making them perform various thought and field (practical) experiments that make them introspect and learn.

Our coaching programs focus on the following areas:

  • Career Management and Growth
  • Personal and Organizational Development
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Trust and Relationship Building
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation


  • Premium International
  • Timex & Fergasam Group of Companies
  • Cable Solutions (Pvt) Ltd/
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